Mark Hodges

Mark Hodges

Clinical Associate Professor, Computer Science
University of Illinois Chicago
hodgesm (at)
Office: SEO 1237


PhD, 2010, University of Michigan, Computer Science and Engineering
MSE, 2006, University of Michigan, Computer Science and Engineering
BSE, 2004, University of Michigan, Computer Science and Engineering


I grew up in southwest Michigan and then followed my sister's footsteps to attend the University of Michigan. I stayed there for 10 years, getting three degrees and developing a love of Michigan athletics along the way.

At age 5, I was on a soccer team with Abigail, my future wife--and my dad coached the team. It wasn't love at first sight, but our lives crossed each other's frequently (her mom was my 8th grade English teacher, for example, and we had Spanish class together my senior year of highschool). Eventually we reconnected during a break from college, had a first date at a mutual friend's wedding in 2005 and married in 2007. We now have three amazing kids, Isaac, Grant, and Juliet.

I enjoy spending time with my wife and kids, especially going to museums in Chicago (and created a website, about doing that), and attending their performances and sporting events. Speaking of sports, I'm a huge University of Michigan sports fan, a lifelong Cubs fan (though I don't follow them that closely anymore), watching just about any sporting event. I play tennis and run some. Other hobbies are travel, cooking, photography, and plays/musicals.